The names in this data base were collected from public legal records in various State, County and City record files.  These records pertain to property ownership, insurance and other court matters. 

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The data is useful for people searching for names in New York State ( Buffalo, Albany, Yonkers, etc) and New York City ( Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan) and Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, Albany, Erie Counties.

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                 name4                                   name
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 Zwiebel Alan                           11 Sherman Rd Woodstock 12498 NY
 Zwiebel Gail                           11 Sherman Rd Woodstock 12498 NY
 Zwier Rebecca                          321 Hardenburgh Rd Pine Bush 12566 NY
 Zydel John                             786 Ulster Landing Rd Saugerties 12477
 Zydel Mary                             786 Ulster Landing Rd Saugerties 12477
 Zygmunt David                          30 Bostock Mt Rd  Shokan 12481 NY
 Zygmunt Debra                          30 Bostock Mt Rd  Shokan 12481 NY
 Zysman Joseph                          Brooklyn 11202 NY
 Zysman Joseph                          Brooklyn 11202 NY


These names were collected from legal sources in various counties, towns, city and village in New York state. All are in the US United States of America.

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Listed below are the 400 most common first names in a local sample of 110,000 adult persons:

Aaron Adam Adrienne Agnes Alan Albert Alex Alexander Alexandra Alfred Alice Alicia Alison Allan Allen Allison Alyssa Amanda Amber Amy Andrea Andrew Angela Angelo Anita Ann Anna Anne Annette Anthony Antoinette Antonio April Arlene Arnold Arthur Ashley Audrey Barbara Barry Beatrice Benjamin Bernadette Bernard Bernice Beth Betty Beverly Bonnie Bradley Brandon Brenda Brett Brian Bridget Brittany Bruce Bryan Caitlin Carl Carla Carlos Carmen Carol Carole Caroline Carolyn Carrie Casey Cassandra Catherine Cathy Charlene Charles Charlotte Cheryl Chris Christian Christina Christine Christopher Cindy Claire Claudia Clifford Colleen Constance Corey Courtney Craig Crystal Cynthia Dale Dana Daniel Danielle Darlene David Dawn Dean Deborah Debra Denise Dennis Derek Diana Diane Dianne Dolores Dominick Donald Donna Doreen Doris Dorothy Douglas Earl Edith Edna Edward Edwin Eileen Elaine Eleanor Elena Elizabeth Ellen Emily Emma Eric Erica Erik Erika Erin Ernest Esther Ethel Eugene Eva Evan Evelyn Florence Frances Francine Francis Frank Fred Frederick Gail Gary Geoffrey George Gerald Geraldine Gerard Gertrude Gina Glenn Gloria Grace Gregory Guy Harold Harry Heather Heidi Helen Helene Henry Herbert Holly Howard Ian Ingrid Irene Iris Jack Jacob Jacqueline James Jamie Jane Janet Janice Janine Jared Jason Jay Jean Jeanette Jeanne Jeffrey Jenna Jennifer Jeremy Jerome Jerry Jesse Jessica Jill Joan Joann Joanna Joanne Jodi Jody Joel John Jon Jonathan Jordan Jose Joseph Josephine Joshua Joy Joyce Juan Judith Judy Julia Julie June Justin Kara Karen Karin Karl Katherine Kathleen Kathryn Kathy Katie Kayla Keith Kelly Kenneth Kerry Kevin Kim Kimberly Krista Kristen Kristin Kristina Kristine Kurt Kyle Larry Laura Lauren Laurie Lawrence Leah Lee Leonard Leslie Lewis Lillian Linda Lindsay Lisa Lois Loretta Lori Lorraine Louis Louise Lucille Lucy Luis Lynn Lynne Madeline Marc Marcia Margaret Maria Marian Marianne Marie Marilyn Marion Marjorie Mark Marlene Martha Martin Mary Mary Ann Maryann Matthew Maureen Megan Meghan Melanie Melinda Melissa Michael Michele Michelle Mildred Mitchell Monica Nancy Naomi Natalie Nathan Neil Nicholas Nicole Nina Norma Norman Pamela Patricia Patrick Paul Paula Pauline Peggy Peter Philip Phillip Phyllis Priscilla Rachel Ralph Randy Raymond Rebecca Regina Renee Richard Rita Robert Roberta Robin Roger Ronald Rosalie Rose Rosemarie Rosemary Roy Russell Ruth Ryan Sally Salvatore Samantha Samuel Sandra Sara Sarah Scott Sean Shane Shannon Sharon Shawn Sheila Sherry Shirley Stacey Stacy Stanley Stephanie Stephen Steve Steven Stuart Susan Suzanne Sylvia Tammy Tanya Tara Teresa Terri Terry Theodore Theresa Thomas Tiffany Timothy Tina Todd Toni Tracey Tracy Travis Valerie Vanessa Veronica Victor Victoria Vincent Virginia Vivian Walter Wanda Warren Wayne Wendy William Yvonne Zachary

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